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Tropiezo / Teatromocracia - 7" Split


Tropiezo & Teatromocraca split 7”

When it comes to Latino hardcore punk, Puerto Rican powerhouse quartet Tropiezo have become a solid institution within the genre, with countless releases, multiple international tours and more than 20 years of trajectory in the D.I.Y circuit. 

Released under their own record Label Discos de Hoy, this split 7 “ delivers a furious attack of short, fast and loud hardcore punk that will melt your face and leave you wanting more.  The production is raw, the guitars are loud as fuck and the drums are staked with insanely fast blast beats and double kicks. The lyrics are full of satirical socio-political commentary written with the same sarcastic wit that characterizes this band.

Teatromocracia has a more classic punk/hardcore crossover sound a la early Suicidal Tendencies. Veterans of the 90s Costa Rican hardcore punk scene, their lyrics speak of a complicated Central America, a region infested by social political conflicts and oppressed by the remnants of the Cold War.  The album cover is cleverly designed as a local newspaper front page and the records are pressed in beautiful colored vinyl.

Liston on Bandcamp: Here

- Variant A: Red
- Variant B: Red w/ Smoke

Tropiezo (Side A):
1. Referencias disponibles, si es necesario
2. El verano de nuestro descontento (o la revolucion será un meme)
3. Me he inventado la ignorancia

Teatromocracia (Side B):
1. ¿En donde salieron? 
2. Urbi et orbi
3. Mienten

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